Alphonse Areola’s time is now for West Ham United

One of the Hammer’s top signings this summer came in the form of Alphonse Areola. The West Ham keeper has bought his time, and now he is ready to shine.

The one position that David Moyes didn’t need to replenish right away at West Ham was the keeper slot. Regardless of that, though, the Hammer’s Gaffer made a move anyway. Areola is talented, experienced, and the perfect replacement for Lukasz Fabianski.

Nothing against the current Hammer’s netminder, but he is a shell of the keeper he was a few years ago. Fabs have been as loyal of a servant as any at West Ham, but there comes a time in everyone’s career when it is time to step down. Fortunately for David Moyes, that step down comes with a hefty replacement in Areola.

Last month we broke down his statistics and how well they compared; even then, Areola looked like the better choice. It’s made sense for Moyes to start with Fabianski, and with the club on fire, you don’t change a winning side. Now that they drew last time out, their superstitious logic is gone.

Alphonse Areola’s time is now for West Ham United

When the Hammers brought Areola in, it was massive news that the Hammer’s were signing someone from PSG, but he so much more than that. Even in a relegation year, he was Fulham’s player of the year last season. He has not only started but succeeded at both PSG and Real Madrid. He has played on the biggest of stages and competed in them well.

West Ham has a loan-to-buy option set in place for the French International, which means they’ll want to keep the player happy. Getting him sufficient playing time now, not just in cup matches, can do that. Solidifying his place now before Europa matches come soon can help that.

There’s indeed no better relationship on a football pitch than that of a keeper and his defenders. West Ham should start building that form and friendship now before it’s too late. The potential is too high for David Moyes not to get it going.