The Top 5 West Ham players not to be quarantined with

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As the continued spread of the Coronavirus continues to worsen and cities all over the world are in major lockdown mode, which West Ham players do you fancy living with, past or present?

This idea was originally brought up on the Green Street Hammers Podcast two weeks ago (link here) where we discussed who we would and would not like to be quarantined with. As the West Ham football-less drought continues, it’s time to dig even deeper into this question as to who we don’t want to live with during this time locked up.

Going off of the idea of who would you not want to be quarantined with is seemingly harder than think about who you would want to but I digress, this is all about the unwanted. West Ham fans typically grow a strong bond to their players but there were some that just don’t make the cut. Some of them are on this list and others would be just plain boring to quarantine and chill with.

Number 5

Carlos Sanchez

The Colombian international was the first person to come to mind when thinking about it but honestly, he might not be that bad which is why he comes in at number 5. This would be one of those conversations where the weather would be a topic of discussion to only keep you from not talking badly about his performances as a Hammer.

Carlos Sanchez also seems a bit out of reach when it comes to normality (complete assumption). The best bit of positive talk abouts you could have would be about why the switch from the fro to cornrows happened. Other than that you might be tempted to ask about why he passes it to the wrong team. All in all, just not good conversation pieces leading to a boring time.

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