If West Ham players were pandemic prepper items, what would they be?

Besides West Ham United’s season being pushed until 30 April at the earliest, the only other thing treading is the strange trend of certain prepper items being stashed away.

This in no way is to poke fun at the current hardship and pandemic that is sweeping the nations and the world for that matter. No, this is only a comparison to what West Ham need the most to what the strange leaning of certain items that have been getting swooped up at the moment.

The trend wouldn’t be enough to cover an entire squad of players but the hardest to find items at the moment are bread, toilet rolls, and in some places hand sanitizer. Neither of which would prevent the spread of the Coronavirus but alas, they’re being stocked up for the long haul.

If you look at how those 3 things can help you in a time of need, then you can easily (in my mind anyway) start to see comparisons to how West Ham United need a certain player and with that… here is our list of players that connect to the current pandemic items being stashed away.

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When you think of what you can add bread too or make around it, the options are endless. Bread is a hearty meal that can help keep you content until the next feast or lack thereof in some cases. So for West Ham, it’s simple… Lukasz Fabianski would be the bread that helps keep the Hammers sailing.

Even in a bad period when nothing else is working Fabs has always been there to at least steady the ship at times. How many times has he been considered the Man of the Match and yet West Ham lost? Bread, like Fabianski, is stable for survival and a much-needed piece in both scenarios.

Hand Sanitizer

Not to get too nerdy but hand sanitizer kills bacteria, not viruses. Regardless… people are buying this item out at a fast rate with the comforting idea that it might help keep them safe. When you look at who the Hammers need to keep them safe and clean you can look no further than Angelo Ogbonna.

Despite who has been in-goal or who has been next to him at the back, Oggy has been lights out for the Hammers and in the mind of many the last line of defense or safety for that matter. Hand sanitizer and Ogbonna cannot save you from everything but it sure feels good to have it around.

Toilet Paper or Toilet Rolls

This… this right here is the quintessential item that everyone is after at the moment and at a maddening rate. Apparently a lot of people will need to use the bathroom at an expedited rate while quarantined but regardless, it the cream of the crop when it comes to pandemic items.

Clearly, Declan Rice is that for West Ham. He is the one Hammer that is wanted constantly, even by others. Much like toilet rolls, you might not always think about needing them but in a pinch, there is nothing that you will need more. Rice, for West Ham, is the same way.

So there you have it… Fabs, Oggy, and Rice are West Ham’s versions of the current pandemic stasher items. The Hammers need these three just about as much as the world currently needs these certain items.

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All joking aside, of course, we all hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time of turmoil in the world and hopefully this has at least brightened your day. Until the games come back, if they do, try to find some type of joy in the world and don’t forget to laugh.

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