West Ham: First order of business, slow down the Wolves attack

Wolverhampton has essentially decimated West Ham since returning to the EPL. For the Hammers to have any hope, they will need to start by slowing them down.

For as confusing and disappointing West Ham has been over the past 2 seasons, Wolverhampton has been the complete opposite and not to mention, every time these two have played Wolves have taken care of business relatively easily.

The total scoreline from their previous 3 matches has been Wolves 6 and West Ham 0 and the last thing the Hammers need this weekend is a change in form and to take a step back to reality. They are flying high (pun intended) and need to take advantage of this match in a few ways with the first and most important way being that they need to slow them down.

Good news for West Ham fans is that their defensive line has been stellar ever since the Liverpool match and combo of Angelo Ogbonna and Issa Diop in the center of it has been the keystone to it all. This match will come down to them again but it will also require load out of Ngakia and Cressy.

Aaron Cresswell has cemented his place as the everyday left-back but he will be tested again this week after slowing down Pepe last time out. And as for the youngster, Jeremy Ngakia, more of the same will be required in his young Hammers career.

Simply put and as you’ve already read, the defense needs to hold fast once more. However,  Wolves are such an anomaly as they will attack and disturb with about 4 guys up top but leave very little room at the back committing quickly to the counter defense. Which is exactly where West Ham needs to attack to help slow Wolves down.

A fatal mistake from Moyes and the Hammers has been to commit more defensively when being pressed but when you have more in defense the opposition can then in return put more on their attack. The squad needs to trust the defense once more and commit to attacking and using the counter to their advantage.

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If the back four can dominate once more and the Hammers attackers can make solid upfield passes and get on the ball quickly, they can not only turn the tide for them but slow down their adversary and maybe, just maybe walk away with more than a good job honor. Until then, COME ON YOU IRONS!

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