West Ham doesn’t need “decent” performances, they just need points

A good loss to Liverpool and a missed, yet decent match against Arsenal are nice for West Ham, but they don’t need that. What they need are points and promptly.

West Ham United is definitely on a hot streak of form at the moment but has failed to finish in what could have been an easy win last week against the Gooners. Before that, they looked good against the Reds but just fell short only to finish off Southampton in the in-between match.

This scenario sounds all well and good for a team that is in the middle of the pack or maybe even pushing for a European slot but for West Ham, the situation is way different. Currently sitting 16th in the table but tied on points with the two clubs below them. Points, not decency are needed.

At this point in the Hammers campaign, we shouldn’t sit here and over analyze each match as it is a chess match, no… at this point with only 9 matches left they need to just win and get points when they present themselves. Missed opportunities don’t help but neither will a feel-good draw or worse yet, a loss.

It can sound somewhat naive to say the club doesn’t need decent matches just points but its true. How often have we seen a match were the better club didn’t actually win? Case in point, last weekend at Arsenal. Playing hard right until the end and getting a chance when presented is all it takes. We’ve seen too many matches where the Hammers were the better side and lost.

Now, at any other point in the season, these current and upcoming Hammers fixtures would look more difficult. But right now… they are very much winnable games. They have proven to have a side that can attack and defend against Liverpool and Arsenal at times but the finishing factor remains the issue.

The Hammers could readily pick up 3 points against the likes of Newcastle, Burnley, Norwich, and Villa and this is where they can control their own destiny. Teams like Wolves, Spurs, Chelsea, etc will be tough but doable. The more points they can secure now, the less that will be stressed about in late April and early May.

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David Moyes seems to have finally found the right formula for attacking well, now they much finish it out better. Taking home the trophy of most possession or shots on target means nothing at this point. Wins and points are all that do anymore so COME ON YOU IRONS!


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