Moyes Sacking Imminent? West Ham’s Quoted Manager Replacement

West Ham manager David Moyes and Rafa Benitez. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
West Ham manager David Moyes and Rafa Benitez. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images) /

Disappointing performances have mounted against David Moyes and his unchanged tactics and inexplicable team selection have sacking rumours. As is the nature of the Premier League, the talk of his sacking has become palpable. Despite no official word, the numbers don’t lie on Moyes’ future.

I have lost too much money on betting apps to trust what they say. So, when online sportsbook Betfair shoots out a tweet suggesting David Moyes’ sacking is “imminent” due to their changing odds.

With there being no money to be made due to suspended betting on both ‘next West Ham manager’ and ‘next manager to get sacked’ this post does beg the question – is there any truth to these numbers?

Clearly, the fine people who use Betfair to make their wagers believe the ex-Everton manager is the next man for the job but does this move inspire a run up the table for the Hammers? Do Benitez’s tactics fit with the squad of players he’d inherit upon arrival?

West Ham need to fight the urge to hire a manager based on their name and look toward a project to solidify the club.

Inspire? No! Benitez went to Everton when West Ham signed Pellegrini. Both legendary managers left retirement gigs in China to return back for a challenge and both flopped mightily for the two clubs looking to push into the elite of the Premier League.

Appointing Benitez would be a move that ignores the lessons of the near past for West Ham by hiring simply by the manager’s name rather than their vision for the future – even if that future was just six months.

Not to mention the Hammers’ board already showing their lack of loyalty to Moyes who kept the team up when he was first appointed for half a season when they sacked him FOR Pellegrini before rehiring him again later.

Would Benitez do well with the team he inherits? Well, it’s a mystery how Moyes has mucked up this situation with the incredible players he has at his disposal so anything is possible, including Benitez being the man to get this team organized.

However, the likelihood of this being a smashing success and Benitez coaching this team on an unprecedented second-half turnaround is low. Benitez is a name signing and if you judge him on his last gig, he was a colossal failure and waste of money.

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Sean Dyche would be the “boring” selection (to the uneducated), but the best bet to solidify this team and get them playing systematic football. No thinking about what to do by the players, Dyche’s structured style would have the players only concerned with doing their jobs and nothing more.