A Hammer’s Guide To Silkeborg, Denmark

West Ham are heading to Silkeborg in the first away match in the Conference League group stage.

Silkeborg is considered a prime getaway spot for many Danes. Families take summer vacations to this picturesque town to admire its clear blue lakes and luscious green hills. Some residents of Aarhus take weekend trips to this place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Some West Ham supporters may already be familiar with travelling to Denmark. Three weeks ago, the Hammers played Viborg in the second leg of the Conference League qualifier and comfortably won 3-0. It will be just as comfortable and easy for West Ham fans who wish to fly out for Thursday’s game – Viborg is only a 30-minute drive from Silkeborg!

Emerson and Lucas Paqueta celebrate West Ham winning

West Ham won their opening Conference League match


Population 5,910,000

Language Danish

Name in Official Language Danmark

Dialling Code +45

Currency Danish Krone (£1=8.83kr)


Silkeborg is a town with a population of around 42,000 people. It lies on the Gudenå River in the Søhøjlandet region of the Jutlandic peninsula, and it is known for having an outdoors lifestyle. The town consists of woodland areas, lakes, and being an increasingly popular place for families to live.


Old City Square

The city square is the heart of the local community. The town’s oldest hotel, the town hall and a church are nearby. Locals usually come to the town centre every weekend for the market stalls and community events, especially in the summer.

The Lake Fountains

The lake fountains are the largest fountains in northern Europe. They put on a dazzling light show at night, and the water changes colour.

SS Hjeljen

SS Hjejlen is the name of the world’s oldest steamboat. Built in 1861, she hosts tours of the town’s rivers and lakes. She celebrated her 150th anniversary in 2011, with Queen Margrethe II of Denmark hosting the occasion.



Silkeborg’s current stadium JYSK Park was opened to the public in 2017. It is sponsored by JYSK, a popular Danish furniture chain, and was designed by local architect firm Årstiderne Arkitekter.

The stadium is located next to an athletics arena and a post-secondary college, as well as a café for pre-game food and drink. This would be a good opportunity for the travelling fans to meet some Danish fans, many of whom will welcome them with open arms.

How To Get There

The best way to get to the stadium is to take the bus. The number 11 runs directly from the main train station to the ground.


Ask Before Taking Photos

Danish law does not allow you to take photos of government or judicial buildings. Ask for permission before you take a picture. If you do not comply with this rule, you may be asked to delete the picture immediately.

Clean Up After Yourself

There is a very important reason why this tip is being mentioned. Littering is strictly prohibited under Danish wildlife protection laws. Dropping litter could result in a fine or imprisonment, as littering is considered a breach of federal law.

Allow Additional Time If You Use A Cab

Danish law states that car drivers must fully check their vehicles before driving. This includes testing the brakes, checking for scratches and looking over the engine. Some taxi drivers or lift-share users may have to do the procedure before they drive you, so give them time to complete the checks beforehand.