Who is PAI Capital, and what they could bring to West Ham

West Ham Protests (Photo by Sam Bagnall - AMA/Getty Images)
West Ham Protests (Photo by Sam Bagnall - AMA/Getty Images) /

Philip Beard, a member of PAI Capital, released a memo on his companies intentions to buy West Ham United. From plans to investments, this is what we know.

Just as of last week, West Ham Chairman, David Sullivan, redirected rumors that his club and committee received an offer to sell the club. He told the media that there was never any actual monetary value to the bid, and they were waiting for more.

According to the release of Philip Beard’s memo, that rumor was false, and they did provide proof of funds. Beard continued with this statement regarding West Ham: “we are committed to pursuing opportunities to purchase the club.”

It appears that all we have now are two billionaire corporations going back and for in a classic “he said, she said” debate. Since we have nothing else to report regarding the validity of either of these claims,  let’s look into who PAI are and what they could bring to the Hammers.

West Ham United
West Ham United /

West Ham United

Who is PAI Capital, and what they could bring to West Ham

PAI Capital, or Profit Access Investments Limited, is a private investment company with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and London. According to their official site, they have roughly €14.7B worth of assets under their management team. This deal originally was stated to have other partners involved as well, but this seems to be more than enough cash to get the deal done.

With PAI being located in London, that helps having ownership that is domestic and close-by. Additionally in Mr. Beard’s statement he mentioned a few things that would certain favor the Hammers and it’s fanbase. First off, if were able to buy the club, they would appoint a new chairman or their liking.

With that topic in mind, they would like to improve relations within the fanbase, meaning a chairman that would hopefully lookout for the betterment of the Irons. Additionally, he made not that they would appoint club legends. The Hammer’s have always been a club based around it’s history, and this move feeds right into what is wanted around the club.

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Having significant funds, looking out for the best interest in the fans, and bring back more former legends seems like a win, win, win for everyone involved. This deal is seemingly nowhere close to being completed, but if it happens, PAI Capital will have big promises to fulfill, and a massive fanbase to win over.