West Ham: Top 3 candidates to take over for penalties

Mark Noble of West Ham United. (Photo by Alex Broadway/Getty Images)
Mark Noble of West Ham United. (Photo by Alex Broadway/Getty Images) /

After the 2021/22 season, Mark Noble will be hanging up his cleats for the last time. West Ham will need a new penalty taker, but who should it be?

Since the dawn of tracking penalties in the Premier League, only three West Ham players have had more than ten chances from the spot. The three recipients are Paolo Di Canio, Julian Dicks, and Mark Noble. Both Paolo and Dicksy were perfect from the spot, converting 10 and 13, respectively.

Mark Noble is the club’s all-time leading penalty taker, converting 27 out of 31 chances in the EPL. He has been a staple at the club since he cracked into the first team back in 2004. For years now, when the Hammers got a shot at a penalty, you could almost guarantee the ball was going past the keeper. However, since he departed from the starting XI, things have been edgy.

Last season, West Ham earned four chances from the spot, converting half of them. Both Declan Rice and Jesse Lingard split the difference, but neither gave that same calming feeling as Noble has in the past. After this season is over, that comforting feeling will be retired. So what now?

West Ham: Top 3 candidates to take over for penalties

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Manuel Lanzini

The Jewel hasn’t been a top name on the team sheet in a few years at the LS, but he is steady at best when it comes to penalties. He is sixth overall in West Ham history, converting two out of three chances, but his not being on the pitch makes it hard to make him the number one guy. If he is on the pitch and the chance arises, Lanzini would have a solid chance of getting one.

Jarrod Bowen

If you watched the Hammers preseason match yesterday, you would’ve noticed how calm he looked taking the shot that saw West Ham level the match. In his young career, Bowen has converted four of his six chances. These aren’t record-breaking numbers, but he is towards the top of steady shot takers compared to the rest of his teammates.

Declan Rice

To keep with the trend, the Captain should take the shot. Dicks, Paolo, Nobles, etc… all Captains during their time and all led the way from the spot. Declan should be no different; he just needs to get time in the moment to get it done. Last year was his first time on the spot, but the club’s new leader should strive to also lead from when it matters most.

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Last year was interesting at best when it came to the Hammer’s four penalty chances, but they will need to find the next Mr. Reliable moving forward. Is there another choice waiting in the wings to leap the club’s penalty taker? Maybe, but these are three solid suitors moving into the club’s future.