The Green Street Hammers top three West Ham moments of the season

Slow start, amazing ending, COVID-19 impacted, etc. Whatever the catchphrase you want to use, West Ham has felt it all this season and came away stronger.

From the beginning to the end, West Ham United’s season has been a swift ride of highs and lows. However, the Hammers emphatically finished with their highest ever points total in EPL history and made it into European competitions for next season. That accomplishment is worthy enough of the best moment all year; however, there were many more.

During a campaign where players meshed better than ever before. A time when tactics and mindset were aligned. A time where some fresh blood paved the path for actually playing the West Ham Way has given us plenty to chose from. A countless amount of choreographed celebrations and dressing room dance-offs made the honorable mentioned list, but not the top.

It was posted earlier this week on the Green Street Hammers Twitter site to see what you, the fans, thought was the moment of the season. That result made our list and perfectly transitioned us into debuting the selections for the Green Street Hammers moments of the season.

The Green Street Hammers top three West Ham moments of the season

Number 3

The Unhingeing of Leicester City 

Goals by Michail Antonio in the 14′ minute, Pablo Fornals in the 34′ minute, and finally Jarrod Bowen in the 83′ minute sealed the Hammers victory and all three points. Those goals were the action that got West Ham over the line, but this matchup was so much more.

It was the first time that the Hammer defeated a Top-2 side since May of 2017. It was also the first time they won back-to-back matches whilst keeping a clean sheet since May 2019. The goaltending was ready but never tested because the backline completely shut down the Foxes.

Number 2

Lanzini makes us all happy

If this were an article base on matches of the season, or better yet, performances, this would not have been an option. However, after a first-minute mess up saw the Spurs take the lead, they then notched two more before the quarter-hour mark. From there, the game stood still, and Tottenham controlled the match up and down the pitch.

At the 77′ minute mark, Manuel Lanzini was subbed on for Fornals, and things started to ignite. Fabian Balbuena scored what felt like a consolation goal in the 82′ minute. That was followed up, but an OG from Sanchez, and then the unthinkable happened. Very late into extra time, the Hammers were ping-ponging the ball all around the Spurs box.

The ball finally fell perfectly into the line of Lanzini, and the rest was history… well, sort of. First, Angelo Ogbonna laid a perfect block on the Spur’s defense to allow the even attempted shot. From there, Lanzini rocketed it up into the top right corner in convincing fashion. The celebration warranted and amazing. Imagine if there were fans there that day!

Manuel Lanzini of West Ham United celebrates. (Photo by Matt Dunham - Pool/Getty Images)

Manuel Lanzini of West Ham United celebrates. (Photo by Matt Dunham – Pool/Getty Images)

Number 1

The fans return, and Europe

The final few weeks were almost more stressful than if West Ham were battling it out for relegation. Every week mattered; no, every point, possession, and stat mattered. After drawing to Brighton, the Hammers knew they needed to win out and even think about Europe.

After taking out some familiar foes in West Brom that set up a date with history for the poised Hammers team, the best part, the fans could finally return to the London Stadium. It was a matchup ready to happen, and the boy didn’t disappoint.

It wasn’t the best-played match, but it was perfect for the fans. Two Fornals goals, followed by even better celebrations, led to Miggy extending the lead late, only solidifying our hopes and dreams. The outcome alone would be enough to make the top three, but with the fans arriving home, at last, this moment takes the cake!

There aren’t enough words to describe how the season went, but what a blast it was. Even though we were all cooped up in our houses watching from our TVs, what moments of joy brought us back to life. This season was an outlet from reality, and it rarely disappointed anyone.