West Ham supporters shouldn’t get excited about Sean Dyche

With rumours circulating during the football hiatus, it appears Sean Dyche is destined for a bigger project than Burnely, but West Ham isn’t on the cards for him.

When Manuel Pellegrini was on the outs rumours swirled about the surly manager of Burnley, Sean Dyche, coming to West Ham to provide some stability to the team. The rumours were substantiated by ITKs, showing that Karren Brady backed the club to buyout and implement Dyche as Pellegrini’s heir.

Instead, David Gold got his way it would seem as David Moyes was rehired and backed heavily in the January transfer window. All credit to Moyes as he has helped solidify the team and has brought positivity in a harrowing season thus far.

Now, with Dyche believed to be weighing up his options at the end of the season, not ruling out a Burnley exit, Hammers supporters have their hearts set on a possible coup to sign the overperforming manager.

I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news, but regardless of this season finishing and/or West Ham getting relegated, there is little to no hope of Sean Dyche replacing David Moyes in East London.

It just doesn’t make sense. Why would you make yourself look bad by hiring Moyes to save you from relegation, sack him when he saves you, then fire his replacement and appoint him back again just to sack him again when he hasn’t even had a full season to manage the team?

If Moyes were to be sacked for Dyche it would essentially throw up a massive red flag for any future managers that despite their contract and performance they are not safe and could be replaced at any time, which would obviously hurt the chances of signing any prolific managers in the future.

As of now, there is no real reason to even sack Moyes. He’s tightened the team’s defensive structure, found and stuck with a formation that gets the best out of Sebastien Haller, and prioritized young players to rebuild this team with.

With Moyes at the helm, there is progression on the horizon at West Ham. A poor appointment at Manchester United which was a poisoned goblet sealed his future as a flop despite his terrific years at Everton prior to trying to replace Sir Alex Ferguson. West Ham should back their manager and finance his vision of the future.