West Ham must keep hold of Declan Rice at all costs

As we head into the summer, transfer rumours will start to heat up for some of the worlds brightest young stars, and Declan Rice will be directly at the front of the conversation.

I’m sure many West Ham fans feel this way as well, but there is truly something special about watching Declan Rice play football for West Ham United. I feel his passion and energy for the club every time he steps on the pitch, and he has anger, tenacity, and will to win that I think is lacking at the club currently. That is only scratching the surface of what Declan means to the club, but overall, West Ham need to keep hold of Rice for many years to come.

It was going to be inevitable that the bigger English clubs were going to come in for Declan, circling him like hungry sharks in the ocean, as soon as Declan made his first appearance in the defensive midfield for Gareth Southgate‘s England squad. Rice has impressed for England so far, and the transfer links were looking to start coming quick. So let us take a look at the two major players as of right now.

Chelsea FC

This one makes a ton of sense to everyone involved. Declan Rice actually started his professional football career with Chelsea’s youth academy, so it would make a ton of sense that the Blues would come back in for him at some point. Frank Lampard‘s club is in dire need of a defensive midfielder, along with the fact that Declan’s best pal Mason Mount is a star for the club, and this link was always going to occur.

Manchester United

 It seems like Man U are always linked with every single player in the window, but Rice makes sense for the Red Devils here. With Paul Pogba’s future up in the air, United could use a lock-down DM to help sure up the midfield behind Bruno Fernandes.

Now even though these clubs may come in with massive money offers for Rice, it is absolutely imperative that the Hammers do not buy into these demands and sell Rice off. Rice is the heart and soul of this current West Ham squad, and without him, the results of this squad could go from poor to catastrophic very quickly.

Rice has all of the makings to be the next captain and future legend at this great club. Not only is he very skilled and poised on the pitch, but the love and effort that he gives the club and fans is something that cannot be replicated. Keep this future star at all costs Irons.