The West Ham Pulse: Giving former Hammers another chance

West Ham isn’t short of having players with “personalities” who have departed over the years. If you could, would you give any former players another shot?

This topic almost seems never-ending as these names come up every year. Whether it’s these types of players being transferred back to West Ham or just fans wishing them either a happy return or a failed future. But the one thing that these specific players have in common is that they have always found a way to make the Hammers headlines even after they’re gone.

To dig further into this topic, we head to a steady voice when it comes to the West Ham voice. Our partners here at GSH, Hammers Polls, and posed the question back on Tuesday, and in the poll, they asked: If you could give a second chance back at West Ham to a former player, who would it be?

The former West Ham players that could be chosen from were Ravel Morrison, Diafra Sakho, Marko Arnautovic, and Dimitri Payet. This poll has since closed, and it finished with just under 500 votes. The results, somewhat surprising as Payet won with 59% of the votes, followed by an almost three-way tie of Morrison, Arni, and Sakho.

Seeing Payet winning isn’t the surprising part. After all, in his 60 matches in the Claret and Blue, he scored 15 goals and assisted 23 times. He was also a massive part of the success of West Ham during their final year at Upton Park, leading them to an unforgettable season.

With how Marko left last summer would make you think he would’ve finished last, but due to his skills and abilities, he has been somewhat missed since his departure. Both Sakho and Ravel didn’t force a move out of West Ham, but their attitude issues and sometimes lack of showing up struck a nerve with the faithful, and it shows with such a low output of votes.

The poll is now closed, and you cannot vote anymore, but out of curiosity, who would you bring back if you could? For the record, I went with the obvious pick in Payet but only for the sake of the question being asked the way it was because all four of these former players have seen their time come and go with no coming back.