West Ham United: Top Two Needs Heading into Next Season

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It is still to be decided exactly how the rest of this season and next season will look. It also is not known how they will even end and when they will start for West Ham and the rest of the Premier League.

For West Ham United there is plenty to do in preparation for the 2020/21 season, presuming they stay in the Premier League.

The current footballing world is completely up in the air at the moment due to the Coronavirus outbreak causing football to be put on hold in England and almost the whole world.

Despite this disruption, some clubs, especially West Ham United, can use this unorthodox break to plan on their strategies on how to better prepare themselves for next season.

There are ways that West Ham can be better prepared for the 2020/21 season. Here are a couple of needs that the club should address to have a more successful season and avoid another embarrassment like this season.

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