West Ham: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly with everything coming up

It feels like forever since West Ham last played a football match. A hefty schedule of matches is inbound but not all is suffered. But not all is immeasurable either.

When looking at the West Ham United Football Club, there are definitely three sides to their story in more ways than one. But, when looking at what is coming up ahead for the Hammers, that story looks, valid followed by disappointment followed by fear.

The Good

Clearly the promise of the newest West Ham acquisition, Jarrod Bowen, getting ready to suit up for his first Hammers match is great news. The Championship proven striker/right midfielder has shown he has what it takes, now he much put it into action for East London.

Fans and pundits alike must give him time because pushing him too fast could be detrimental. Additionally, Felipe Anderson and Michail Antonio should be healthy, so yay! And just the fact that the Hammers got time to get away from the current funk is of the club for a minute has to be a good note. Now they just need to come back with some heart and will.

The Bad

Yes, it can’t all be positive and honestly are you surprised? Nothing should surprise anyone following West Ham at the moment because week in and out the club seems to be one step closer to an EPL exit. The bad upcoming are the fixtures and boy, it ain’t good.

The Manchester City match will be made up right smack in the middle of the week only to be followed up by Liverpool that weekend. With both matches on the road and little to no hope for the Hammers, anyone voting for more than a point from these 2 matches is just hoping for a revelation.

The Ugly

Quite simply, relegation. The Hammers are in 18th place at the moment and if it wasn’t for Watford giving up there match the Irons would be sitting in 19th. The before mentioned matches don’t bold much hope for the club so after next weekend, 18th place would be the best possibility.

If facing down relegation wasn’t ugly enough, just the potential that the bad form and negativity surrounding the club could keep following them only makes it worse. The last time we got a glimpse of the Hammers wasn’t good and had since left a poor taste in everyone’s mouths.

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Regrettably, the positives do not exceed the negatives for what West Ham has forthcoming. This truly is a time where it is almost impossible to think of the good and not the bad. The Hammers do have a way of surprising all and moving beyond the dangerous but will we see it soon? Not likely.


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