MATCH REVIEW: West Ham STORM back, get unlikely result

With the reigning league winners next on the fixture list it was never going to be easy for relegation scrapping West Ham to get a result from Manchester City. Here’s how the unlikely happened!

The idea of Jarrod Bowen starting for West Ham in his Premier League debut against Manchester City was both exciting and daunting. The 23-year-old midfielder is poised to join the Hammers struggling offense and will be relied upon to spark some goals, but could it happen against such a strong, composed opponent?

Bowen relished the opportunity and contributed to the end result which favors the Hammers at the final whistle. The Englishman might not have shown up on the scoresheet, but his presence was felt just with his addition in the squad on his debut day.

The positivity to ignite a result like this has to start with support from the top down to motivate a team to get a result in such unlikely circumstances, and that’s exactly the case with West Ham. With the leadership shown by Jacqueline Gold, David Gold‘s daughter who is in line to inherit his team share one day, the supporters and players alike could feel the positivity.

If you’re still reading this post and buying into it, you’re likely Jacqueline Gold herself. Yes, the match was postponed but this didn’t stop Gold from posting the tweet more than an hour after the news broke. Thank (or fire) the PR team for that one, Jacqueline!

Storm Ciara has pushed Manchester City safety officers to call off the match while many supporters from London were already on their way to the match due to heavy rain and hurricane-level winds, making the game unplayable.

For the Hammers, a bird in the hand isn’t worth as much as two in the bush, especially against Manchester City. The game in-hand will keep hope alive for a little longer and the possibility of the rescheduling happening during the winter break happening after this matchweek could see a Klopp-esque kid-heavy lineup from Pep Guardiola and his Manchester City team… hopefully.

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The Hammers push on and into the break. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a winter break rescheduling, though as things don’t usually break West Ham’s way, especially against a top-six opponent. We push on and get healthier, hopefully with a full lineup against Southampton after an atrociously long winter break!