West Ham are making a mistake by letting go of two Academy members

In another impressive event to continue to confuse West Ham fans, the club has decided to sell off two young strikers. The surprising part, both had exciting futures in store.

When you have “The Academy of Football” labeled all over your everything as West Ham does, then it does seem confusing when the news of the releases of both Kai Corbett and Anthony Scully was announced yesterday.

Starting with Corbett, many West Ham fans would’ve been excited to see his name on the scoreline after this weekend’s youth matches. That is until the realized that his name was next to the Manchester United scoreline.

The 17-year-old was supposedly there only on a trial but according to the always reliable ITK, ExWHUemployee, Corbett was there on a permanent move after “he had a fall out with one of the coaches and it was felt by some he wasn’t good enough to make it.” Shocking to say the least as his future seemed bright.

This season alone was a promising one for the youngster as he was playing well above his skill level. He had scored 5 times and assisted once and the right midfield/striker surely would’ve gotten more playtime with the likes of Dan Kemp and Nathan Holland going out on loan but now we will never know.

Kai Corbett was becoming well-known but the more shocking news from yesterday was the transfer/release of Anthony Scully, West Ham’s PL2 leading scorer. The 20-year-old had scored 14 times with 5 assists in all competitions for the Youth Academy and was hopeful to get a shot for the senior team with so little competition from up top.

Scully has left the Hammer youth side and is headed for the League One side of Lincoln City where he will join his former teammate Connor Coventry. These two leaving only continue to convey a sense of uncertainty and doubt from the fans to the board and the club as a whole.

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It is understandable that you never really know what you will get when you graduate a youngster from the Academy up but these two should more than enough promise to at least paint a small picture. I can’t help to think however that this has been a huge mistake and something we will promptly wish to forget.



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