Selling Carlos Sanchez is the best thing West Ham can do this window


It might sound cliché at this point, but if West Ham can offload this out of use defensive midfielder, it’ll be the best move they make this entire window.

To be honest, when West Ham signed Carlos Sanchez back in 2018 it left everyone wondering why… and the real question was can he get back to his old ways or will he just be another wishing midfielder that gets lost in East London.

Since his arrival to West Ham, he has regrettably only played in 17 total matches with just 13 of them in the EPL. Not that he could avoid injury, but he was showing some poise right before going down and well the rest is history as he has never really gotten back to his old form.

It was reported (tweeted) yesterday by Football.London’s own Sam Inkersole that the West Ham brass might look to bring in a new midfielder and offload Sanchez in a “one in, one out” type of deal. With the rumors of Tomas Soucek having a medical soon, the first half of that mantra is complete.

Keeping that in mind, selling Sanchez is not a requirement in the deal. But what selling him could mean is about 50K a week off of the player’s budget and it might give room for a budding youngster to bloom if given the chance to shine.

With the Columbian gone it still leaves a packed midfield with Nobes, Rice, Wilshere, Snoddy, Fornals, and Lanzini still to place but it could give a box to box youngsters like Dan Kemp or Josh Cullen a shot if needed. Kemp is still in the Academy but was seen on the bench a week ago and Cullen is still on loan at Charlton but could be recalled if needed.

Even though they are both unknowns and the future of the transfers in are still up in the air, it’s sadly safe to say that either of those options would be better than Carlos Sanchez at the moment. Selling him would be a big move by the board and a sign of life from David Moyes and Co.

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So call it harsh or call is smart but selling Carlos Sanchez this window would be the best move the Hammers make. It frees up space, money, and quite honestly both the fans and players’ patience and additionally gives the player a new life and a chance to turnaround his once pleasant career.

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