West Ham fans deluded over Manchester City stopper

West Ham have been heavily linked with Manchester City outcast Joe Hart this summer. However many fans have been convinced they don’t want him at the club.

Despite a poor season most West Ham fans are cautiously optimistic regarding the coming season. Transfers need to be made but all the right noises are coming out of the club. Things seem to be on the up.

However it seems that the prospect of signing Joe Hart from Manchester City is dividing fans. A keeper who has won multiple trophies and shown world class ability not being supported? What’s going on here.



Where are these fans getting their ideas? Have both Adrian and Randolph had a sterling season to mean any signed keeper wouldn’t be playing anyway? Not that I saw anyway, with all the mistakes that happened throughout the season. Especially in key matches that cost us points.

Do the stats back up signing Hart or keeping with Adrian and Randolph?

Stat Check

All in all it’s fairly inconclusive, but Hart would bring positives. Combined punching and catching he is well above the two West Ham keepers and that shows a greater command of his area. That is something both Adrian and Randolph struggle with. In saves per goal Adrian is top, but given that is he strength above all else Hart is still close behind. It certainly isn’t a dramatic difference.

But one of the big things that stats can’t show is the Hart is a winner. Adrian brings passion that Randolph doesn’t but Hart takes that passion and uses it to lead. All keepers that the Hammers have a chance of signing are going to be error prone, but for me Joe Hart is the best keeper we can hope to get at this time. Jordan Pickford wasn’t error free last season, and will take time to mature. Hart is what we need now.

The fans who are not behind the potential move are probably the same ones who feel Zabaleta is too old, Smalling isn’t good enough or Giroud wouldn’t be better than the striker options that we currently have. We’re not a top 6 team at the moment. These players would help us get there.