Declan Rice: West Ham United’s future Captain in training

To dwell on the past for too long is foolish for any team that wants to succeed. To succeed, you must look to the future and for West Ham, the future is Declan Rice.

If we go back in time to the 21st of May, 2017 I doubt that many of us thought “now there’s a future star” when Declan Rice came onto the pitch for 1 minute in a West Ham victory over Burnley. But oh how we couldn’t have been more wrong as the budding star has only risen more and more each season.

It shows his confidence and the team’s belief in him when you see him at 20 commanding the entire team and telling veterans what to do. Rice played in 34 of 38 PL matches last season scoring twice. His two goals were massive for the club as this both helped secure victories in two important matches.

However, for starters, this story isn’t over, its only just begun. In a recent interview from the clubs official page, Declan was quoted saying “There’s no point having the season I did last year, and then dwelling on it this year and not having a good season.”

That comment above is a mark of a true leader that is ready and able to push his club to the next level. Declan Rice could arguably go down as the best Academy graduate ever once it is all said and done.

His abilities are massive for West Ham but his heart and passion for the Hammers is worth more and is infectious. For the rest of the team to hear this from one player can only push them to want the same for the season to come. Come on Declan and COME ON YOU IRONS!